About Dr. Pete Sulack

Dr. Pete Sulack

Dr. Pete Sulack

Dr. Pete Sulack is the founder of Redeem Health & Chiropractic, formerly Exodus Chiropractic, one of the premier wellness centers in North America. A graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University with a Doctorate in Chiropractic, Dr. Pete has been actively serving patients for the last 20+ years from his practice in Knoxville, TN.

Dr. Pete actively serves patients traveling from around the world seeking his services validating his unique approach to health and wellness. His studies on the effects of stress, his Resiliency Q assessment, Roadmap to Resilience, & Redeem Health protocols, coupled with testimonials from patients and attention in medical communities have garnered him as one of “America’s Leading Stress Experts.” He is a highly sought-after teacher, lecturer and author of multiple books including “The Joseph Blessing” and “Be Resilient.”

When Dr. Pete was 15 years old, he was playing in a national basketball tournament in Kingsport Tennessee. He dove to save the ball and heard a pop in his back which left him laying on the court in excruciating pain. He had never even thought about going to a chiropractor before this moment. Then it all clicked when a family friend informed him of the care a chiropractor offers. Dr. Pete quickly recovered from his injury and was amazed at the changes not only from pain but in other areas of his health.

This is where his interest in chiropractic care and desire to help people really took off. He couldn’t shake the feeling of having the ability to help people the way his chiropractor helped him. This led him to college where he began to study, to become a chiropractor, so he could do the very thing he desired to do.

Dr. Pete is a son, husband (Stephanie), father of 4 boys (Isaiah, Eli, Ashton, Ezekiel) who knows that living vulnerable to the demands and stressors of life if not living at all.

In 2006, Dr. Pete founded Matthew 10 International Ministries to share the love of God around the world and expose the worth, value and significance of people in the eyes of God.