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Redeem Chiropractic is dedicated to helping you and your family  break the cycle of chronic and traumatic stress – physically, chemically, and emotionally. Find out if the root of your symptoms is related to stress today by scheduling your first visit with our team or shopping in our online store.

Welcome to Redeem Chiropractic – Where You Build Resilience to Everyday Stress.

Chronic & Traumatic Stress Relief

Unmanaged and accumulated stress is at the root of most illness and disease. With a simple, three-step process, Redeem Chiropractic will help you and your family find the relief you have been looking for to stay healthy, longer.

Experienced Chiropractor

Our founder and lead chiropractor, Dr. Pete Sulack, has served the Knoxville community for over 19 years. If you ask him why he enjoys his job, he will likely tell you that his passion is empowering the next generation to experience true and vibrant health.

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New to Redeem?

Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, headaches, and tension or are just curious about the impact that stress can have on your mind and body, we’re here to help. Complete this form to schedule a consultation with one of our resilience experts today. 

We Love to See You Choose Health

Your body is fearfully and wonderfully made to adapt to its environment and recover from the stresses of surviving life. But what happens when your body becomes overwhelmed by these stresses? Most practitioners simply refer to and treat your abnormal behaviors, pain or symptoms as “pathology” – assuming that the body is somehow malfunctioning or breaking down in a way that it shouldn’t be. 

Here at Redeem Chiropractic, we consider pain, symptoms, and negative behaviors to be ADAPTIVE PHYSIOLOGY. In simple terms, this means that we believe your body is doing exactly what is designed to do when presented with real or perceived stresses – it’s adapting to its environment.

Similar to the way that a rubber band retains its shape after being stretched (applied stress), our bodies are designed to adapt physiologically to the surrounding environment and then recover, once the threat has been removed.

The Redeem Chiropractic philosophy on healthcare, products, and services all revolve around helping your body adapt more effectively to stress, helping you identify lifestyle or environmental stressors that to be addressed, and also help train your mind and body to recover effectively once these stresses have been handled. 

Simply put, we exist to help you restore balance.

Our Guarantee:

Experience & Expertise

Our team is here to be your advocates of hope. We will use our collective and clinical experience of over 20 years to fight alongside you and your loved ones for health to the fullest.

Affordable Payment Options

We believe that quality, holistic healthcare should be available to any and everyone. We offer a variety of affordable care options for this very reason.

Convenience & Simplicity

Scheduling and ease of access doesn't have to be a concern of yours anymore. We are convenient to I-140 and offer online scheduling to keep your health simplified and on-the-go.

Family-Oriented Community

Health is a family affair.
Our programs are designed to make healthcare easy and affordable for the entire family - no matter their stage of life.

Redeem Chiropractic stands on the truth that your body has natural abilities and desires to heal itself. The products and services that we offer for you and your family all revolve around this wisdom.

Wellness Chiropractic care will help your body, mind, and emotional health stay balanced in the midst of the changes of life. Benefits include better sleep, better immunity, and faster recovery times.


Health isn’t a destination, its a balance. Things like physical injury, lack of movement, poor nutrition, unruly emotional health, and negative thought patterns can throw this balance off. Corrective Care is designed to help find that balance.

We believe that quality products and services should speak for themselves. Here are just a few testimonies from our Redeem Chiropractic family.
My husband and I had such a wonderful first day with Dr. Pete and everyone at Redeem Chiropractic. Such a warm, welcoming, and hopeful place. Excited for a whole new level of health and wholeness!
The staff and the doctors were very friendly and professional. I wasn't rushed through my appointment (like in other offices) and all of my questions were answered. I am very pleased with Redeem Chiropractic.
Redeem Chiropractic has changed my life. This place is my safe haven in the middle of my chaotic days. Not only have I found a significant amount of physical relieve and healing but the staff treats every person who walks through the doors like family.
I am so grateful for everyone's compassion and support from Redeem Chiropractic. I have dealt with chronic migraines most of my adult life. Before going to Redeem, I had given up on finding a cure...but now I'm finally able to enjoy life again without pain.
I have been going to Redeem Chiropractic for exactly two years. I am feeling incredible since my fall in 2018. Dr. Pete has even addressed other issues, too! The entire staff makes you feel so welcomed and comfortable when you enter the office.


10% of every purchase goes to our nonprofit partner Matthew 10 International.

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